Promoting independence within daily routines - Self-Help and Chores (Approx. 1hr 40 minutes)


VAT included

Veronica and Erin are delighted to announce that we have prepared a webinar to share our experiences about Self-Help and Daily Living Skills with you all!

This interactive webinar will be jargon free and it has been prepared with guardians, parents and care workers in mind but all practitioners are welcome to purchase it.

About the presenters:

Veronica Dunning, BCBA, is the founder of Blossom ABA. She is an autism mum and has a teaching background. Roni first became a teacher in 1999 and started in the field of ABA in 2011 when she could see the effectiveness of ABA in her son's life. Roni lives in Wales, UK and she provides services in the UK, Europe and Portuguese speaking countries.

Erin Moorad, BCBA, is the founder of Compass ABA. Erin is a qualified Special Needs Teacher and has worked with children with developmental disabilities, ASD and significant cognitive and/or behavioural needs for over 20 years. She is a certified PEERSĀ® provider and has received training in Social Thinking with Michele Garcia Winner.

Once you purchase this webinar, we will send you your access details via e-mail.

For more information, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

Please note that our webinar fee includes VAT.