Our ABA consultants are certified by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board,
and we work regularly in South Wales, Exeter, Berkshire, Dorset, London and other areas in the UK and Portuguese speaking countries.
We work with Behaviour Technicians and RBTs in some locations in the UK.
Our services can be provided in the English or Portuguese languages. Some of our staff can also speak the Welsh language.
As part of a team, we value engagement, feedback and mutual support, in a culture where we share a similar mission and values.

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Accreditation & Memberships

Veronica Dunning, BCBA, CEO & Clinical Director

Supporting services in South Wales, Exeter, Dorset, Berkshire and London areas

I am a bilingual Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and a Qualified Behaviour Analyst (QBA). I first started my career as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Brazil in 1995. I started in the field of ABA in 2012, personally supporting my autistic son and I completed the Behaviour Analysis and Therapy Masters with the University of South Wales in 2016.

I have training and extensive experience implementing a wide range of behaviour analytical assessment tools and curricula including the VB-MAPP (Sundberg, 2008), AFLS (Partington & Mueller, 2012), IGLR (Ward, 2013), EFL (McGrieve, 2012), PEAK (Dixon, 2018), AIM (Dixon & Paliliunas, 2018) and running Dr. Greg Hanley's evidence based Practical Functional Assessment and IISCA. I am also trained in Talk Toolsⓒ at level 2.

In my role as a BCBA, I also support Blossom ABA Limited Families in obtaining funding for ABA services which includes contributing towards the drafting of Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP-England) and Statement of Special Needs or Individual Development Plans (Wales).

Alongside my personal, professional and behaviour analytical experience, I value working as part of a multidisciplinary team, taking into account people's different backgrounds, needs and culture. I am a mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) practitioner. I also have experience managing, training staff and teams, running events and supervising ABA teams and practitioners locally and internationally. I have also been actively involved in supporting families and disseminating the science of behaviour analysis over the years.

As part of a company that has established mission and values, we seek to work with a like minded team, and each member of our team is an essential part of our company.

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Emma Price, Business Support Coordinator

I'm the Business Support Coordinator for Blossom ABA Ltd. I bring a range of experiences to this role from previous positions, particularly my skills in customer focused care, business administration, finance and accounting.

I am passionate about making a meaningful contribution to the team. Developing my skills in human resources enables me to support people more directly, which I believe is one of my strengths. I'm motivated by helping others, and finding opportunities for them to excel and to be the best version of themselves.

I am a great communicator and this is a skill that is well used in my role. On a daily basis, I connect with our team and the people we support and keep my workflow organised for our team and more importantly for the people we support. In my role it is key to be reliable, enthusiastic, and a creative person who is able to come up with appropriate and timely solutions.

Family is key to me and I'm passionate about helping others in my personal life too. I love travel and all the experiences that I have gained from travelling has made me a stronger focused person, able to adapt to any environment.


Our Team Structure

Our team of ABA Consultants provide assessments, design, implement and regularly monitor ABA programmes at home and school settings.
We monitor the progress of bespoke goals that are set with the people we serve whilst valuing their feedback and views from their family.
As part of a collaborative team, we work with the team around the person and provide reports and input during meetings as required.
Our ABA supervisors are either enrolled or have completed a masters on ABA and are working towards UK SBA certification.

Behaviour Technicians
Behaviour technicians are also known as ABA Therapists or ABA Tutors and they are at the front line of what we do.
We employ a limited number of experienced behaviour technicians in some areas and they are required to obtain RBT certification once they reach a certain level.
They work more regularly with the children and young people we serve, and they execute plans provided by our qualified Behaviour Analysts.

Business Support
We employ a Business Support Coordinator with experience in frontline customer services, staff support and business operations.

Human resources (HR)
Our staff access the support and expertise of an independent People & Culture local HR consultant, who has been regularly present and knows all our staff personally.

Organisational Behaviour Management (OBM)
Our company receives qualified OBM input, and we have an established Executive and an Ethics Committee, which provide support and advice on organisational decisions.

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