Meet the Founder

One of the reasons (and the main reason) why I first got into the field of ABA was because I was after efficient strategies to support my autistic son, Sammy, in learning meaningful skills that would have a positive impact in his life.

We introduced ABA based interventions in 2012, when Sammy was around 4.5 years old. He was born in 2007 so he's now a teenager. We have a daughter called Annie, who is 2 years older than him, and she has also been the best sister he could possibly have.

We are now in the time zone we called 'future' all those years ago. Over the years, Sammy's education has needed a lot of planning and we have never taken learning for granted. He has needed careful analysis of his preferences and learning styles and breaking down of goals to support him in learning self-care, daily living, language, academic and other skills.

He became much more socially connected once we started facilitating his communication and his discovery of so many new possibilities along the way.

Meet the Founder

ABA based strategies have helped Sammy learn language and functional skills that have been contributing towards his overall wellbeing and overall community participation. Over time his life has improved, and because of this, our dynamics and family live have improved too.

It's been important for us to be open to listen to him, give him time to show us how he is feeling and what he he needs. His perspective is where his support starts and we want to always value and seek his views first.

Meet the Founder

As a family we are grateful to some fantastic professionals that have been in Sammy's life and supported him along the way. I have been inspired by many ABA practitioners that have crossed my own professional path, which have also contributed to where I am at today.

The focus on bespoke, person-centred and compassionate support have driven me to become an ABA provider, and these are reasons as to why Blossom ABA Limited is here today.

This job is a passion to me, and it is definitely more than a job ❤️

Veronica Dunning

CEO & Clinical Director of Blossom ABA Limited
Annie and Sammy's mum