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Description: If you are a Board Certified (BCaBA or BCBA) practitioner, an ABA practitioner, if you are in Education and Health, this ticket will provide you with a certificate containing 9 CEUs upon completion of the Level 1 post training questionnaire and 6 CEUs upon satisfactory completion of the Advanced training questionnaire.

(Please note that the content of this course is the same as the Non-CEU 15-hour webinar- a discount has been given if you are not seeking to collect CEUs).

Access will be given from 30 days from date of receipt of the course details. Please allow 3 working days for the receipt of the details.

General information:

Steve Ward, BCBA of Whole Child Consulting runs a 15-hour online training on the IGLR evaluation tool over 5 sessions and to discusses programming and strategies from early to advanced learners. This training will not only bring you effective tools and techniques that will help you programme for your learners but it will also be interactive, fun and involve the participation from the audience from the original course and their experiences from the start. A training course packed with practice videos of therapy sessions and questions to the group.

During the training, Steve shows you some of his techniques such as calm counts that are helpful for building emotional regulation skills and discusses how a learner can develop healthy requests (mand repertoire) from the start. A jargon free training that aims to reach parents and practitioners of different backgrounds.

If your learner finds it difficult to learn social, language and other key skills it may be because they are in need of addressing pivotal areas that will help them learn to learn. What happens when your learner does not score enough to have their skills measured by certain evaluation tools? or when they score much higher than standard evaluation tools? The IGLR will be helpful in providing you with a learner profile that will help address areas that are not usually targeted in most behavioural analytical evaluation tools available.

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Please note that this is a pre-recorded Webinar.

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Purpose of the training: Scoring the IGLR tool, displaying results and prioritising initial areas to focus on. Demonstration of several techniques in practice via interactive videos. Games and fun ideas will be shared throughout the course.


Purpose of the training: establish functional independence; improve spontaneity; expand upon contexts in which the student cooperates with teacher expectations; strengthen self-calming; maximize the benefits of inclusive education, and more. Techniques, games and fun ideas will be shared throughout the course.

Additional details:
Teaching Good Learner Repertoires and The inventory of Good Learner Repertoires (IGLR)

The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires (Ward, 2008) is an assessment tool which covers 139 items and is designed to measure the ease with which a student may be taught.

These items are separated into 10 categories: Behavioral Excesses, Behavioral Supports, Resilience and Regulation, Readiness, Perseverance and Focus, Flexibility, Consequences, Preferences for Learning Channels, Spontaneity, and Potential to Benefit from Inclusion.

A "good learner" is someone who readily responds to instruction in a wide variety of situations. These learners can not only spend time in a variety of non-restrictive settings, such as regular education classrooms and community locations, but can also learn new skills in those settings.

For learners working to become more cooperative, the IGLR can be used to identify ways to help them succeed, and build upon that success. For learners who are already very cooperative, the IGLR can be used to identify and fade any unnatural supports that remain or to identify new target learner repertoires.

The current book, "Scoring the Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires", provides directions to facilitate accurate use of the IGLR.

The IGLR can be used to identify a student's preferred learning styles, their dependence upon various supports, the relative efficacy of various supports, their resilience upon encountering challenges, and their potential to learn in less-supportive environments. Popular supports, such as visual activity schedules, are assessed for their actual benefit to a particular learner.

""The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires" will help teachers and parents identify ways in which they can improve the efficiency of their instruction. Every learner's programming can benefit from consideration of "The Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires".

Targets within the IGLR are developed individually and explained in the book Teaching Good Learner Repertoire, Steve Ward (2013). We tend to purchase both the text book and the IGLR which is sold separately.

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The Whole Child Consulting website will provide you with additional resources: http://www.wholechildconsulting.com/

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