Parent coaching sessions available!

Parent coaching sessions available!

Saturday 5th November 2022
Principles of ABA, Environmental enrichment and Proactive strategies to support learning

This week I had the honour to run a parent coaching session for a wonderful parent group from a London Charity.

The group was engaged, keen to ask lots of questions and so participative. It was a wonderful day!

I was reminded this is our 5th round of courses with them! We've had the privilege to provide coaching to 5 cohorts of families who have been benefitting from learning about proactive strategies that are based on ABA techniques.

Being from an ethnic minority group myself, I felt right at home there and could relate to a lot of of what was shared from a personal level. ❤️

Our course is based on providing families with resources and strategies for enriching the environment and focusing areas we want to build and a positive parenting approach (Dr. Glenn Latham was of course, mentioned!)

The course has elements of the Ruby parent training course book but it has been adapted to incorporate elements of more recent research and specific topics the group wanted to talk about.

We have appropriate disclaimers related to specific advice and seeking a BCBA for individualised support, since this supports safe and ethical practice.

I can't wait to go back in December for round 3!

Roni Dunning

If you're interested in running a parent course in your county, or with a specific parent group, feel free to contact us via our contact page:

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Photo sources: actors and my son Sammy (thank you Sam!)