Online Social skills sessions available!!!

Online Social skills sessions available!!!

Saturday 29th October 2022

We have been running social skills sessions online with a number of learners with great success!

They have been enjoying interactive online lessons with our staff and parents have been reporting to us that these lessons have been making a positive impact in their child's life.

Thanks to Carrie and Mariana for running our pilot programme and creating a fantastic model for these lessons with learner feedback included!

We have spaces available for weekly individualised social skills lessons that include time with the learner and parent/carer updates as well.

If you feel your child doesn't need an intensive ABA programme but needs support to build social and language skills, please contact us via to express your interest and we will book an initial 1 hour appointment free of charge.

Photo source: Roni Dunning (CEO of Blossom ABA Limited and her son Sammy)

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