Roni is presenting about Parents & ABA Programmes, Supporting the Acquisition of Language and Bilingualism!

Roni is presenting about Parents & ABA Programmes, Supporting the Acquisition of Language and Bilingualism!

Tuesday 20th March 2018
One-day Conference held by the Clinical Excellence Network of SLTs with an Interest in ABA, London, UK, March 2018

Roni is delighted to have been invited to present on her experience as a parent of a child with autism running an ABA programme and how she has supported parents as an ABA Consultant over the years. Roni will also address aspects of efficient language acquisition and, being originally Brazilian and having a bilingual background, she will discuss her personal experience and give her insight as a practitioner working with bilingual families.

Roni is a great believer of working collaboratively with parents and different professionals and with sharing knowledge and this will be a fantastic learning opportunity!

The CEN of SLTs with an interest in ABA is a group set up by Speech and Language Therapists working in collaboration. Bethan Williams is the chair. She is both a speech and language therapist and a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).

The group has been established on facebook and it has 56 members now, growing every day. Probably 60% are SLTs in both public and private sector. The group also consists of behaviour analysts with a particular interest in Verbal Behaviour, who want to work constructively with SLTs.

For those in the field of BA, they welcome anyone who is at least qualified as an RBT. The group meets twice a year, in the north and south of England for a full day.

They actively promote a strong research culture and have forged close links with Queen's University Belfast and the MSC in ABA run under Dr. Katerina Dounavi. Dr. Karola Dillenburger of QUB is also a great supporter of this group. Many of their members are studying for or have completed the MSc in ABA and many are now undergoing BCBA supervision. This is not a pre-requisite of joining however.

The group has close links with their American counterpart, SPABA (Speech Pathology-Applied Behavior Analysis Special Interest Group) which has nearly 4500 members.

If you are interested in joining this group, please feel free to reach them via their facebook page .

The photo does not represent the entire group and some of the key members are missing, but they are hoping to gather everyone together on Friday 23rd March for a more up to date group photo.

Presenting and participating in conferences gives Roni both the opportunity to share and learn and she has been following this insightful and knowlegeable group with interest! With Roni's English as a Foreign Language teaching background, she is an ABA consultant with an interest in SLTs to be more exact!!! There are various areas between language teaching and the work of an Speech and Language Therapist that correlate, especially in the areas of phonetics and how sounds develop, syntax (how grammar is built) and the teaching and generalisation of language concepts.

The audience will be formed by a mixture of parents and practitioners and I am looking forward to meeting them on Friday!