Roni is now registered with the Education Workforce Council in Wales!

Roni is now registered with the Education Workforce Council in Wales!

Sunday 18th March 2018

Roni was very pleased to have received her registration details last year and she thought a snowy day in Wales was perfect for her to write about it!

Having been a teacher for many years and then moving onto becoming a behaviour analyst, Roni has found it important to understand the culture of schools, educational establishments and organisations.

Understanding other people's perspectives and thought processes has enabled Roni to more efficiently support children and other individuals in educational settings, liaise with school staff and also negotiate educational provision with different Local Educational Authorities across the UK.

Through her experience as a teacher of English in Brazil and as a lecturer in the higher education sector in the UK, Roni is now registered as follows:

  • Further Education Teacher- someone who can deliver teaching in universities and higher education establishments.
  • Work based learning practitioner- Work-based learning is any training or development opportunity which is available to individuals as part of their experience on the job. It can be done via the workplace, in a college, university or through any individual who is looking to develop specific skills. Work based learning practitioners can also deliver bespoke training via training providers. A practitioner who is qualified to deliver work-based learning is someone who helps others in the workplace, who gives career advice and guidance and helps explore their potential.
  • School learning and further education support worker- Roni started her teaching experience as a learning support worker for children with learning difficulties in Brazil in 1995, and alongside her therapy experience in the UK, she has been able to find efficient strategies to provide support to a number of children attending school in ABA programmes across the UK and Brazil.

Roni believes that one of the best ways to acquire experience is by hands on practice and she is always keen to experience delivering provision in different roles as required and listening to feedback from clients.

An efficient education and adequate training is key for helping our clients acquire functional and meaningful skills and a good quality of life. Equipping others to help always gives Roni great joy. Her current ongoing project has been correlating the national curriculum targets for children in primary and secondary school with existing ABA curricula. In terms of working within schools and liaising with Local Authorities, it is important (and good practice within the field of ABA) that we use language that others can understand when we are explaining how an ABA programme is delivered, how we are teaching, what an individual is learning and this will also help with integrating learners more successfully in school.

If you would like to help with correlating the UK National Curriculum with ABA based curricula, please do get in touch! Roni is always keen to collaborate with others and share resources and information. Together we make things happen faster and we will make a much more significant difference to the educational provision of the clients we serve.

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness (Chinese Proverb, Author Unknown)