TAGteach Advanced Workshop - Cardiff, Wales

TAGteach Advanced Workshop - Cardiff, Wales

Monday 5th March 2018

Increase your success with your learners, family or co-workers. Learn to teach effectively and efficiently with fun for you and your learners. Learn how to get more of the behavior you want. Take your TAGteach skills to the next level in this high intensity, hands-on workshop with TAGteach faculty member Luca Canever.

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Tony Harvey gives a summary of his work with visually impaired persons using TAGteach.

"My name is Tony Harvey and I have worked with guide dogs and visually impaired people for the past 10 years. I have used a clicker to train my dogs and heard about TAGteach to train people! We have to train people how to work with their dogs in order for them to have the best mobility possible and there is a lot to learn so I have been using TAGteach to really breakdown these processes and turn them in to easy to learn chunks!

For me its like telling a story or painting a picture and, with each new Tag point you add on the next part until you have the whole image. It might be daunting to think about having a visual impairment and walking down the road putting your complete trust in a dog but its certainly not daunting "holding the handle" then "holding the handle and saying forward" then "holding the handle, say forward and walk" and so on until its all natural.

One client I recently worked with has memory issues and finds it difficult process information and when she qualified with her dog she said to me (unprompted!) "The TAGteach was great for me as I didn't have to process a lot of words, I just knew if I hadn't heard the click I had something else to do, thank you for understanding me".

My Job role is Senior Practitioner at Guide dogs Cymru (GDMI).

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