"Competence comes when successful outcomes are produced by values-driven, purposeful behaviors."
― Aubrey C. Daniels.

As part of a team, we provide each other support so we can achieve successful outcomes from a personal and team perspective. We believe that training and mentorship go beyond achieving BCBA Certification and we keep ourselves up to date with the latest research so that we can offer excellent quality service to our clients.

We value life experience and a set of skills that go beyond the knowledge of the science of ABA. These skills have helped us provide a service to our clients that takes into account their culture, their values and the different situations they are in.

We value feedback from each other and especially from the ones receiving interventions, their parents, schools and from the therapists who work with families we serve. As individuals, we also focus on our values and well being, so we are also able to have a good life and work balance.

Here are the people who are part of our team!

About the Founder


Veronica Dunning is a bilingual BCBA and autism mum. She obtained a bachelors degree in Arts in 1995, and started her career as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. She obtained her Masters degree in Behaviour Analysis…

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