Coaching to Teaching Assistants


We provide ongoing coaching and support to families, and professionals in schools and other settings, including teachers, teaching assistants, personal assistants and care workers.

Our staff and practitioner training include Behavioural skills training which include instruction, modelling, practice and feedback. This training is evidence-based and helps with the consistent delivery of our recommendations and progress overall.

These include:

  • Breaking down of targets to support learning in setting specific goals (prioritising what is important to the person receiving services and listening to others providing regular care and support)
  • Functional living skills (Dressing, Tidying up, washing up, doing simple chores, helping with shopping).
  • Personal hygiene (brushing teeth, having a shower, drying self, dressing and undressing).
  • Developing leisure skills such as walking, cycling, using play or gym equipment.
  • Developing independent play skills.
  • Developing independent living skills (helping with simple chores and following a schedule of activities).
  • Going out and about and integrating in group activities in the community.

Full training is also provided to behaviour technicians or independent ABA tutors (in specific situations) as part of ongoing needs of a learner's ABA programme.

Overall feedback is very important to enable collaborative team work, so we will always welcome feedback on our services.