Assessment of distressed behaviour


At Blossom ABA Limited, we use a number of different tools to assess distressed and excessive behaviours.

Following our assessments, we design the most appropriate interventions to support a person in overcoming challenges and increasing any skills they find will help them in a meaningful way. Our assessments focus on supporting a person who is showing signs of stress in their daily life (e.g. via self injury or behaviours that pose a risk to self and others).

Our assessments also include the design of behaviours that are excessive and may impact someone's health and overall wellbeing over time.

Types of activities we conduct during our assessments are as below:

  • Parent/carer/practitioner interview
  • Scoring of functional assessment specific questionnaires
  • ABC data collection
  • Observation of the behaviour
  • We provide assessment for stressed behaviours (self-injury and behaviours that pose a risk to others)
  • Practical Functional Assessment (Dr. Greg Hanley)