11. Bespoke training courses and presentations


Roni's presentations cover the topics below:

  • Basic principles of ABA
  • Assessing, designing, implementing and monitoring programmes.
  • Setting up an ABA programme
  • Types of ABA programmes and Mainstream inclusion
  • Toilet training
  • Social skills and play
  • Using ABA to help your learner with medical procedures, tolerating nail and hair cutting
  • Generalising Language concepts into the natural environment
  • Presentation and training on how to implement specific assessment tools
  • How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can help you manage stress and anxiety
  • Parent training and running ABA programmes when an individual is bilingual
  • Training on specific topics can also be given to schools e.g. during inset days and to groups of people
  • This list is not exhaustive. Feel free to contact Roni to discuss your needs.