9. Different types of reports provided


Roni has a range of different reports that she can provide which include:

  • Tribunal assessment reports showing results of a full assessment of a learner's skills, inappropriate and excessive behaviours and programme recommendations.
  • Combined reports showing assessment results and progress with ABA over a period of time can also be provided. Please note that evidence of progress depends on factors such as training and programme implementation following an initial assessment and data collection over a period of time.
  • Education and Health Care Plan and Statement of Special needs drafting, in cases where elements of an ABA programme will need to be included into an EHCP.
  • Additional reports can be provided for specific purposes as requested.
  • Consultation notes with a summary of items discussed and recommendations is provided at no additional cost following each visit. Protocols and data sheets for individual programmes will be provided at no additional cost when needed.
  • Roni is aware that delays to deliver notes and documents can impact on the running of an ABA programme and it can demotivate families and team members. It will consequently impact on an individual's progress. As a parent who also runs an ABA programme, Roni understands the need for reports and documents to be sent on time and she will always do her best to deliver notes and documents within 1 week of each visit.