Veronica Dunning is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). She has a teaching background and she has worked in a variety of higher education settings in the last 20 years. She has worked in Brazil and the UK and her experience includes teaching children and adults of different age groups and backgrounds, research settings, finance and administration.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Association for Behaviour Analysis International (ABAI)

UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK SBA)
Roni is currently the chair of the UK SBA ABA Parents and Carers SIG

Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS)

Clinical Excellence Network for Speech and Language Therapists with an Interest in ABA
Run by Bethan Williams, Speech and Language Therapist and BCBA

Registered with the Education Workforce Council in Wales
Further education teacher, Work based learning practitioner
School learning support worker and Further education learning support worker

ABA Cardiff , ABA Wales, ABA Consultant Wales

Roni has a son diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and, in 2011, she put her career on hold to set up his ABA programme as a full time carer, when he was nearly 5 years old. ABA has given her the tools to teach her son effectively, which she had not been able to do before despite her teaching experience. From seeing her son's progress and supporting and training his ABA team, Roni then expanded her skills and started working with a number of different clients helping them establish their ABA programme and obtain funding from their Local Authority.

She has taught children, teenagers and adults and her teaching has included teaching individuals with additional learning needs when she started working as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, in 1997. She started as an ABA therapist in 2012 and she is currently running and supervising ABA programmes across the UK. She can also offer ABA Consultancy and supervision services to Portuguese speaking families and work with a variety of different individuals with different learner profiles.

Roni's experience has taught her that the best way to teach a learner is via nurturing their motivation to learn, via expanding their preference for socially mediated play and activities and via investing in their social skills, alongside necessary aspects of teaching language concepts, self-help and other skills. Learning through play, fun activities and with established motivation means a learner will learn faster!

Roni believes in the concept of bettering self and on working in collaboration with other practitioners and with the involvement from a community. "ABA cannot be done without a community!

  • Although Roni is a BCBA, she continues to receive ongoing mentorship from a BCBA-D and input from other BCBAs and BCBA-Ds she collaborates with.
  • Mentorship and feedback on practice are necessary at whatever level we are at and Roni is always keen to collaborate with other behaviour analysts and undertake training as part of her own professional development.
  • Roni has experience assessing learners using a wide variety of ABA based curricula and conducting standardised assessments, including assessment of behaviours that challenge and Vineland questionnaires. You can see a description of assessments Roni works with in the 'Services' section. Her experience as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Talk Tools training have also given her insight in how language is acquired and how language sounds are formed.

Alongside her behavioural analytical and practice experience, Roni has extensive knowledge in helping families obtain
evidence and funding for their ABA programme and in working in collaboration with other professionals, which include Educational Psychologists,
Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Lawyers and parent advocates as well as liaising with School
and Local Authorities regarding provision and a child's needs.

Roni has also got experience in drafting Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP) and
Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN Statement) and all the phases that are associated with the drafting and final versions of this document.

Roni worked as part of a Behaviour Analysis team from an established ABA Company where she completed her supervised practice hours
to enable her to sit for the BCBA exam. During this time, she managed her own caseload and supervised programmes run by a BCBA.

Alongside field practice and ABA therapy, Roni has a special interest in Behavioural skills training (staff training),
ABA research, teaching, Organisational Behavioural Management (OBM), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness.

Presentations & Webinars

Parent/Carers & ABA programmes, Promoting Learning to Learn Skills & Bilingualism, Presentation, April 2018, Clinical Excellence Network for Speech and Language Therapists with an Interest in ABA, April 2018

THE PEAK Curriculum, Youtube presentation. EspacoABAprendiz, April 2018.

Aumentando a precisão de protocolos de treinamento de pedidos usando treinamento de habilidades comportamentais, Webinar, May 2018, Roni's MSc Dissertation (Increasing the accuracy of mand training protocols using behavioural skills training), was presented at the 3rd Online conference by the Jornadas de Analise Aplicada do Comportamento do Brasil group

Events and Conferences

Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Group (EABG), London, 2016

Clinical Excellence Network for Speech and Language Therapists with an Interest in ABA Group, April 2018


Dunning, V. 2017. Using TAGteach to help learners acquire spontaneous imitation, functional play and social skills (Usando TAGteach para ajudar alunos a adquirirem imitação espontânea, habilidades de brincar funcionais e habilidades sociais). Published by TAGteach International, Sep. 2017

Academic Qualifications and Professional Training

Roni has undertaken the following professional training:


PEAK Data System Training
By Christina Conner, Paradigm Behavior, Webinar

Talk Tools Level 2- Oral Motor Therapy: Assessment and Programme Plan Development
By Monica Purdy, EG Training Ltd, Appleby Magna, UK

Practical Functional Assessment and Skill-Based Treatment of Problem Behavior Associated with Autism & Intellectual Disabilities, Dr. Gregory P. Hanley, Ph.D., BCBA-D
UK Society for Behaviour Analysis Speaker Series, London, UK


PEAK Relational Training System - Level 1 Certification Training
PEAK, Bristol

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) at the cutting Edge
Live Webinar, Stephen Hayes
Association for Contextual Behavioural Science

Social thinking
Day 1: Implementing Social thinking concepts and vocabulary: A day to develop team creativity, Dr. Michelle Garcia Winner
Day 2: Master Class 1: Exploring key Social Communication concepts through hands on activities.
Social Thinking, SLT Communication Courses, Beaconsfield, UK

TAGteach, Level one certification, Online course
TAGteach international.
TAGteach, Level 2 certification, 2 day workshop
TAGteach international, Essex, UK

Relias Training- ABA and other online courses
• Conflict management (webinar)
• Direct instruction (DI) for exceptional learners (webinar)
• AAC- Alternative Communication Strategies
• AAC- Augumentative and Alternative Communication for IDD (Individuals with Intellectual Disability)
• Antecedent interventions
• Consequence interventions
• Supervision: specifying staff performance responsibilities
• Conflict management (webinar)
• Direct instruction (DI) for exceptional learners (webinar)

Relias Training- Compulsory and other professional online courses
• Professional Boundaries
• Safeguarding Children
• Safeguarding Adults
• Intimate Care
• Data protection
• Stress management
• Fire Safety
• Heath, Safety & Welfare
• Information Governance
• Positive Handling


Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis & Therapy
University of South Wales, Wales, UK

Developing positive relationships with people in distress using D.ESCAL8 techniques (Accredited by BILD)
De-escalate, Haverfordwest, UK

Picture Exchange Communication System - PECS Level 1 (Basic) 2 Day Workshop
Pyramid Consultancy, Cardiff, UK

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - Clinical Skills Building Intensive - Intermediate Level with Steve Hayes
Contextual Consulting, London, UK

Recent advances in the assessment and treatment of challenging behaviour
Dr. Wayne W. Fisher, PhD, BCBA-D, Bristol, UK (UK SBA Speakers' Series)

Assessment and treatment of paediatric feeding disorders
Dr. Cathleen Piazza, PhD, BCBA-D, Bristol UK, (UK SBA Speakers' Series)

Meaningful social development: teaching games and more
Steve Ward, MA, BCBA, Bristol, UK

Virtual College LMS, Online Course
• Manual Handling Training
• Personal Safety for Lone Workers
• Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Training
• Level 1 Food Hygiene Training
• Health and Safety in the Workplace


Early Denver Start Model - 1 day introductory training
The MIND Institute, Cardiff, UK

Understanding and Implementing Effective Autism Programming from Toddlers to Teens
Dr. Mary Barbera, Bristol, UK

EHCP plans in England, Statement of SEN in Wales, funding and tribunals for ABA specific provision, Haverfordwest, UK
Fiona Slomovick, The advocacy and mediation consultants Ltd.

Feeding difficulties? How to access and increase success in feeding.
Carys Jenkins- Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist, Skybound Therapies, Swansea, UK

Introduction to the foundations required for successful handwriting
Joanne Harries- Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Skybound Therapies, Swansea, UK

Introduction to occupational therapy and developmental disabilities
Joanne Harries - Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Skybound Therapies, Swansea, UK

Prior to 2014

Developing Self Esteem, Social Skills and Relationship Skills
Alex Kelly Ltd, Cardiff, UK (2013)

Talk Tools Level 1 - EG training, London, UK (2013)

Introduction to Research Methods
CRC Cymru (Clinical Research Collaboration), Online Course (2009)

Managing Research Data
Cardiff University (2006)

Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
Cambridge University (2001)

Cambridge Examination in English for Language Teachers (CEELT)
Cambridge University (1996)

Bachelours in Arts (Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Literature- Letras)
Universidade Federal da Paraiba, Joao Pessoa, Brazil (1995)

Viviane Prosser BSc

Blossom ABA Administrator

Viviane has an accountancy background and she graduated in Brazil in 2002. Viviane worked in the accountancy team of a large coffee company in Brazil and she moved to the UK in 2004 to continue her English studies.

Viviane moved to the UK permanently in 2007 and she worked within finance and administration roles and she also supervised staff within a chain of restaurants in the UK.

After having her first child, Viviane started working as an ABA Therapist and once she learnt how the science of ABA can better lives and how efficient it is in teaching children skills, she did not look back. She is currently working part time as an ABA Therapist and she is now helping Blossom ABA with producing resources and dealing with administrative aspects of Blossom ABA on a part time basis.

Viviane is also helping organise events and working closely with our accountancy team. Viviane is fluent in both the English and the Portuguese language and she will be assisting Blossom ABA with work that needs to be carried out in Portuguese.

Having an ABA background has enabled Viviane to understand protocols which has facilitated resource making and it has also helped with organizing events. Viviane's experience in finance and accountancy has also been an asset to the team!

Academic Qualifications and Professional Training

Viviane has undertaken the following professional training:


Taking the Plunge
Business Wales, Cardiff, UK


Meaningful social development: teaching games and more
Steve Ward, MA, BCBA, Bristol, UK

Prior to 2014

BSc in Accountancy
Universidade Federal da Paraiba (Paraiba Federal University)