7. Parent and therapist training


Parents of children with developmental delays may find it difficult to provide them with support after school and ABA sessions whilst also catering for the needs of the family. By combining and generalizing skills taught in ABA sessions, Roni will discuss downtime strategies with parents and provide parents with the tools they need to teach their child skills that will help them achieve more independence and a better quality of life. Where possible, these are combined with ABA sessions and supported by ABA therapists.
These include:

  • Functional living skills (Dressing, Tidying up, washing up, doing simple chores, helping with shopping).
  • Personal hygiene (brushing teeth, having a shower, drying self, dressing and undressing).
  • Developing leisure skills such as walking, cycling, using play equipment.
  • Developing independent play skills.
  • Developing independent living skills (helping with simple chores and following a schedule of activities).
  • Going out and about and integrating in group activities in the community.

Full training is also provided to therapists as part of ongoing needs of a learner's ABA programme. Roni uses a Behavioural skills training approach where programmes are modelled, practiced with the person implementing it and feedback is given on implementation and ongoing monitoring to enable a child to progress.

Parent and therapist feedback is very important to enable collaborative team work and Roni will always welcome feedback on her services.