4. Home and School Consultation


ABA programmes can look very different and how a programme is run will depend on different aspects such as:

  • Educational provision available
  • Individual's personal profile
  • Whether the individual is at school or full time at home
  • Whether they attend school part of the day
  • Each family's individual circumstances
  • Budget
  • Level of parental involvement
  • People available to implement the programme
  • This list is not exhaustive

Roni has experience in designing the ABA programme to suit your child's needs taking into account your personal circumstances. ABA programmes can be focused on a particular skill such as developing functional communication or several different skills which include toilet training, imitation, play, social skills and functional living skills. They can be run on a part time basis (e.g. after school, during holidays and at weekends) or full-time (e.g. solely based at home or in school 32.5 hours per week). Some learners could also be on a full-time ABA programme with part time integration in a mainstream school.

If you need advice on what type of programme would suit your child, please feel free to contact Roni to discuss your child's needs by visiting the 'Contact me' page.