Blossom ABA is Expanding!!! Meet Viviane Prosser, our Administrator!

Blossom ABA is Expanding!!! Meet Viviane Prosser, our Administrator!

Sunday 15th July 2018

Viviane has an accountancy background and she graduated in Brazil in 2002. Viviane worked in the accountancy team of a large coffee company in Brazil and she moved to the UK in 2004 to continue her English studies.

Viviane moved to the UK permanently in 2007 and she worked within finance and administration roles and she also supervised staff within a chain of restaurants in the UK.

After having her first child, Viviane started working as an ABA Therapist and once she learnt how the science of ABA can better lives and how efficient it is in teaching children skills, she did not look back. She is currently working part time as an ABA Therapist and she is now helping Blossom ABA with producing resources and dealing with administrative aspects of Blossom ABA on a part time basis.

Viviane is also helping organise events and working closely with our accountancy team. Viviane is fluent in both the English and the Portuguese language and she will be assisting Blossom ABA with work that needs to be carried out in Portuguese.

Having an ABA background has enabled Viviane to understand protocols which has facilitated resource making and it has also helped with organizing events. Viviane's experience in finance and accountancy has also been an asset to the team!