Bespoke ABA Services

Part-time parent led programmes


ABA programmes can look very different and how a programme is run will depend on different aspects such as:

  • Educational provision available
  • A person's personal preference and what they value
  • Settings the person attends and level of support they receive
  • Each family's individual circumstances
  • Budget
  • People available to implement the programme and recommendations
  • This list is not exhaustive

Our ABA consultants (BCBAs and BCaBAs) and ABA programme supervisors can work with your budget providing part-time ABA programmes with or without the regular input of a Behaviour technician. We work with independent ABA tutors in some situations.

We can support children and young people in nursery, or adults at home and other settings for shorter periods of time during the week, whilst working with main carers and key professionals.

ABA programmes can be focused on a particular skill such as developing functional communication or several different skills which include toilet training, imitation, play, social skills and functional living skills.