Bespoke ABA Services

Our bespoke services include offering you the most appropriate ABA programme package for you or your organisation.

We use evidence-based staff supervision and training tools, as well as Behavioural skills training.

If you are from a Local Authority or Social Services and would like to discuss services, please Contact us via our contact page.

Services can be provided in both the English and the Portuguese languages.

See types of services we offer below.

We offer a free initial conversation or visit (to local families) of one hour if you wish to discuss the services you require. Feel free to use the form on the Contact page and you will be contacted within 48 hours.

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Assessment, programme design, implementation and programme monitoring


>Our services's services cover a range of different needs. Some examples of behaviour analytical tools we work with: >Promoting the Emergence of…

Assessment of distressed and excessive behaviour


We use of different functional assessment tools to carry out our assessments, such as: Following the assessment, we design the most…

Fully managed ABA programmes


If you are looking for fully managed ABA programmes (ABA Consultant, Ongoing monitoring by an ABA programme Supervisor and behaviour…

Part-time parent led programmes


ABA programmes can look very different and how a programme is run will depend on different aspects such as: >Educational provision…

Ongoing coaching to Teaching Assistants and personal assistants


We provide ongoing coaching and support to families, and professionals in schools and other settings, including teachers, teaching assistants, personal…

Social skills based programmes for children, teenagers and adults


We have training and experience in a wide range of social skills based assessments, curricula and a wide range of…

Different types of reports provided


We have a range of different reports that she can provide which include: >Tribunal assessment reports showing results of a full…

Coaching, courses and presentations for parents and practitioners


From her experience as a parent, Roni understands the pressures parents and carers are under and she incorporates principles of…