Meet the Team

Anna Rees, Senior Behaviour Technician, BSc., MSc.


Anna Rees has completed her BSc in Psychology in 2017 at the University of Southampton.

She has finished her MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Therapy at the University of South Wales (due to graduate in December of 2019).

Previously, she has volunteered in the Behaviour Analysis Clinic Early Interventions Service at the University of South Wales whilst completing her Masters.

Anna has worked on home programs with children diagnosed with Autism implementing Early Interventions.

After completing her BSc in Psychology Anna worked for a year as a support worker for adults with learning disabilities and autism diagnoses. During this time, she learnt about Positive Behaviour Support - a branch of Applied Behaviour Analysis that has been developed to assist those with behaviours that challenge. She saw the benefit this had on the clients, and aimed to learn more about how to help them to further develop skills and manage challenging behaviour. From this she learnt more about Applied Behaviour Analysis and began her Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Therapy at the University of South Wales in September 2018.

During the Masters Anna volunteered at the Early Interventions Clinic at the University of South Wales and saw the impact that early intensive interventions can have on children diagnosed with Autism. Whilst at the clinic Anna obtained experience working hands on with the clients, assisting in running some of the programs and learning about how to implement early intervention programs.
Whilst undergoing the Masters Anna also worked on home programs with children of different profiles, run by Blossom ABA. Anna is currently a BCBA exam candidate and she is working through the Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) task list, under the supervision of Veronica Dunning (BCBA).

Anna completed her dissertation research in a school, giving her experience implementing the Good Behaviour Game - an Applied Behaviour Analysis classroom management technique - across various classrooms.

Anna is continuing to work through her BCBA task list and gaining further skills whilst working under Blossom ABA.