Meet the Team

Erin Moraad, BCBA, Social Communication Consultant



Erin Moorad is one of our associates.

She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and National Board Certified Special Education Teacher. She holds a Masters in Special Education and an ABA graduate certificate from Florida Institute of Technology.

She has worked with children with developmental disabilities, ASD and significant cognitive and/or behavioural needs for over 20 years. Erin is especially passionate about helping children and young adults who struggle with social communication, forming meaningful relationships with peers and navigating the complex social world. She is a certified PEERSĀ® provider and has received training in Social Thinking with Michele Garcia Winner.

Erin uses a behaviour analytic approach to teach social and communication skills in order to enhance children's interactions and relationships with peers. Because social competence becomes more complicated as children grow older, Erin advocates developing problem solving skills, emotional understanding, cooperation, and self-control in the primary school years.

Erin conducts social skills assessments and develops treatment plans that are evidence- based, individualized, and focus on direct instruction using behavioural skills training. Progress is monitored by collecting data on observable objectives and making program adjustments as indicated.