Meet the Team

Abbie Fox, ABA Supervisor, BSc. ABA MSc.


Abbie Fox has completed her BSc in Psychology in 2017 in the University of South Wales.
She has also completed her MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Therapy in the University
of South Wales in 2018. Abbie's ABA journey began when she started volunteering as an
ABA therapist in the Behaviour Analysis Clinic Early Intervention Service on the University of
South Wales campus whilst completing her BSc in Psychology.

This is where she first learned about ABA and saw the positive impact early intervention can have on a child's life. Abbie received training as an ABA tutor in the Behaviour Analysis Clinic for one year before moving on to work in an ABA nursery in September 2017. This involved working 1:1 with multiple children in the nursery setting and gaining more experience with each child in the behaviour nursery.

Abbie has also got experience working in home programmes, with older children moving into secondary school and teenagers who need very specialised input. Abbie is currently gaining experience in programming and working with older children.

Abbie began collecting her supervision hours towards her supervised independent fieldwork which involved case managing one of the children that attended the nursery. Whilst case managing she began working her way through the Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) task list where she first gained experience on forming data sheets, collecting data, conducting behavioural skills training with parents on how to implement certain
interventions, conducting both direct and indirect assessments, graphing and analysing data
and writing termly progress reports for the children.

This was all carried out under the supervision of a BCBA and Abbie is continuing to gain more skills as she progresses under BlossomABA.